Procedure 7.13.01 - Use of Personal Equipment


Purchasing, configuring, installing, maintaining, tracking, and replacing information systems (IS) equipment is a daunting task. Most pieces of IS equipment consume energy, which adds to our ever-increasing energy cost. Adding unnecessary equipment only exasperates our energy cost issues and redirect information technology (IT) staff away from needed equipment when they require attention.

The director of information technology is responsible and oversees all information systems equipment issues. Information systems (IS) hardware should only be installed by IT staff or vendors authorized by the director of information technology.

Employees’ personal equipment may not be connected to any college-owned equipment or to the college network. Employees should follow appropriate hardware purchasing guidelines to obtain equipment needed to perform their assigned duties. In extreme situations, temporary exceptions to the use of personal equipment may be approved by the respective vice president after performing a risk assessment on the equipment.

Reviewed and Last Updated on October 19, 2020