Procedure 5.42.02 - Meritorious Service Awards

Southeastern Community College values its employees and wants to recognize the great work that employees do on a daily basis. Some of this work is highly visible and has a great impact on our college and community. Other work is less visible, but still has a great impact on an area within the college or a part of our community.

The Fall and Spring Meritorious Service Awards are the College’s way to recognize those visible and less visible employees who make Southeastern Community College the great place that it is.

Christina & O’Dell Scott Meritorious Service Award – The staff Fall and Spring Meritorious Service Awards will be funded by and named the Christina & O’Dell Scott Meritorious Service Award.

T. Elbert Clemmons Meritorious Service Award – The faculty Fall and Spring Meritorious Service Awards will be funded by and named the T. Elbert Clemmons Meritorious Service Award.

Nominating Criteria

Nominations should be made under one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Contributing a new idea or being a key player in an initiative which leads to the improvement of a process, service, or delivery.
  2. Demonstrating a commitment to provide assistance and help support the needs of students, faculty, staff, and/or the public.
  3. Implementation of a significant cost savings idea or generation of additional resources for the College.
  4. Using a positive and cooperative approach to help students and/or co-workers achieve their goals.
  5. Being an innovative, goal-driven member of a college committee or in a special assignment that has college-wide impact.


  1. All regular, full-time employees are eligible to nominate and be nominated for the award, except for members of the College Leadership Team.
  2. Nominees cannot receive recognition twice for the same initiative.
  3. The award is a $150 non-recurring bonus to be awarded as funds are available.
  4. Employees may nominate themselves.
  5. The nomination packet becomes the property of the College and will not be returned to the nominator.
  6. Nominations will be solicited and reviewed biannually by Human Resources and then forwarded to the Leadership Team for selection. June-October nominations will be awarded in November. November-March nominations will be awarded in April.
  7. All nominations for Fall and Spring will be included in the Outstanding Faculty & Staff award nominations in March which is announced at the Spring Graduation ceremony.

Awarding Process

  1. The nominator completes the Nomination Form and attaches any supporting documentation to the form.
  2. The nominator submits the Nomination Form to the Human Resources Office.
  3. The Human Resources Office reviews and records the nomination and forwards the Nomination Form and supporting documentation to the nominated employee’s supervisor.
  4. The supervisor signs the form indicating that they support the nomination and returns the documents to the Human Resources Office.
  5. Nominations are forwarded to the SCC Leadership Team for selection.
  6. The Human Resources Office will announce the award recipient(s) to all SCC employees.
  7. Nominated employees whose nomination meets the criteria will also be recognized in an announcement from the Human Resources Office
  8. The award and certificate will be presented to the award recipient in person by the President and/or his designee with a photo.
  9. Awards will also be announced on the SCC website and recognized again at the next Employees Meeting.
  10. Nominations will be maintained by the Human Resources Office. Nominations of the award recipients will be forwarded to the T. Elbert Clemmons Award Committee and the Dr. Dan & Cheryl Moore Award Committee in March to be considered for the Outstanding Faculty & Staff awards.

Outstanding Faculty & Staff Meritorious Service Award

Fall and Spring award recipients of meritorious service awards will be forwarded to the T. Elbert Clemmons Committee for selection of the Outstanding Faculty award and the Dr. Dan & Cheryl Moore Committee for the Outstanding Staff award. The guidelines for the State Board awards will be used as a rubric during the selection process of the committee. The recipients will be announced at the Spring graduation ceremony.

State Board Awards

Recipients of the Outstanding Faculty & Staff awards will be nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award (faculty) and the Staff of the Year Award (staff) at the state level. The nomination process opens in August and all materials must be submitted by October.

Adopted October 18, 2020
Revised December 15, 2021