Procedure 4.11.01 - Recruitment of Student on Campus

  1. For the purposes of this procedure, the recruiter shall be defined to include any individual(s) visiting Southeastern Community College (SCC) for the purpose or intent of recruiting students for post-secondary education degree programs, military service, and employment. 
  2. All visits by recruiters must be scheduled through the Dean of Student Services or his/her designee. 
  3. Recruiters must schedule visits a minimum of one week (seven calendar days) in advance. 
  4. Recruiters will be allowed to recruit in two locations on the SCC campus – the Student Services Office in Building A and the Student Lounge located in the Nesmith Student Center. 
    1. Student Services Office – Recruiters will be allowed to recruit in the Student Services Office a maximum of one time per week. No more than four visits can be scheduled at any given time.  Recruiters will be provided office space on a first come first serve basis.  The office may be reserved for up to four hours (8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.) per visit.  Recruitment activities in the Student Services Office must be confined to the provided office space.  Signs can be placed in the Nesmith Student Center to announce upcoming visits and emails can be sent to students announcing visits. 
    2. Nesmith Student Center – Recruiters will be allowed to recruit in the Student Lounge a maximum of four times per semester. No more than four visits should be scheduled at any given time.  Recruiters will be provided a location in the Student Lounge on a first come first serve basis.  Recruiters may schedule their visit for up to four hours (8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.) per visit.  Recruiters will be provided with a table and chair(s) to set up.  Student Services staff will determine the location where the table and chair(s) will be placed.  Once in place, the provided table and chair(s) may not be moved to another location within the Student Lounge.  All recruitment must take place at the table. Recruiters shall refrain from walking through the Student Lounge to solicit students. 
  5. Upon arrival on SCC campus, recruiters must register with the Dean of Student Services or his/her designee. After the scheduled recruitment activities have ended, recruiters must notify the Dean of Student Services, or his/her designee, that they have completed their activities and are leaving campus. 
  6. Recruiters must maintain a log, to be provided by SCC Student Services, of all student contact collected during visits. 
  7. SCC reserves the right to observe recruiters’ interaction with any student(s) at any time. These observations may be scheduled or unannounced. 
  8. No recruitment activities may be performed outside of the locations listed in Item 4. This would include visits to the library, other campus buildings, classrooms, student common areas, and athletic fields.  “Casual” recruiting performed by roaming the campus will not be allowed. 
  9. SCC reserves the right to allow additional access to SCC campus for recruiters under special circumstances, such as festivals, student information events, etc. These times will be determined by SCC and will be available to all recruiters. 
  10. All requests for student directory information must be in writing and signed on the official letterhead of the recruiter, with the appropriate contact information of the recruiter making the request. Requests should be submitted to the Dean of Student Services or his/her designee.  For approved requests, individual student information may not be released if a student has requested that information be withheld from release. 
  11. SCC strongly encourages recruiters to refrain from encouraging students to leave school during a semester to pursue a recruitment opportunity. Students should be allowed to complete their current semesters, and if prudent, their current degree plan.  There are ramifications, sometimes critical, to students who leave mid-term and/or prior to completion of a degree program.  SCC counselors are available to discuss these matters with the students to allow the student to make an informed decision that is in their best interest.  SCC allows recruiters to have access to students, per this policy, for the benefit of our students.  SCC desires to partner with recruiters to provide the best opportunities to students while keeping the students’ best interests at the forefront of the decision-making process. 
  12. Any recruiter found to be in violation of this procedure will be asked to leave SCC and may be prohibited from returning to the SCC campus for recruitment purposes through the end of the semester in which the violation(s) occurred. Repeat violations may result in further restrictions up to and including being barred from campus. 



Reviewed: May 4, 2929