Southeastern Community College Upgrades Brand

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

The Southeastern Community College brand has been energized. The College unveiled part of its “Opening Doors to Opportunities” brand refresh which includes 1 out of 3 new college logos at the Monday, November 22, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting as the new messaging highlights the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

“A lot is happening at Southeastern Community College,” said Haylee Damato, Director of Marketing and Communications. “After a year of conversations, and big changes, SCC started exploring the long-term benefits of an identity upgrade that would include a new primary and athletic logo, and a new college seal. The timing was perfect because the college has been building the new 2021–2026 Strategic Plan, so we really wanted the brand refresh to align with our new mission and vision. The hope is that our upgraded look will support the colleges’ visual identity to reflect our commitments to serving Columbus County.”

Damato continued, “We live in an everchanging, digital-driven world and Southeastern Community College deserves to move forward too – making a big, positive impact in the community it serves. When we started the design process, it was so important that we be intentional about the logo that was being designed. We didn’t want a total rebrand. The goal was to ensure that we could refresh the college identity to reflect a bold new look but to also make sure we remain respectful to the institution’s history.

Refreshing our identity will not only create a future-ready aesthetic, but it will also create a bold, unified look and feel across the entire campus. One logo we are excited to launch will be the athletic logo. Our teams are so deserving of a fierce new look. That logo along with the college seal will be released in December.”

SCC will have stronger consistency, clarity, and brand recognition thanks to a unified color palette and graphic system. The previous logo was introduced around 2014 when the college wasn’t heavily utilizing social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Today, these types of channels are critical tools to communicate. The new logo will be more screen-friendly. It will allow us to embrace the digital shift in the community we serve.

“One thing that was apparent is how important the bell is to our campus, based on feedback from employees,” said Damato. “The Chadbourn bell is the center of the college campus. The studio designed a more identical-looking bell that was true to what the beautiful Chadbourn bell looks like. Overwhelmingly, the campus supported the new bell that is now our Primary logo.”

“Revived. Excited. Optimistic,” stated President English. “It’s my hope that SCC’s branding update resonates with our Rams Family and that the next generation of Rams will find open doors to opportunities on this campus. This is our time. Big things are happening and you’re going to want to be a part of it. Whether you are a new student or returning learner, a visitor walking our awesome campus 1-Mile lap, attending a concert or Movie on the Lawn, or you’re cheering on our Rams baseball and softball teams, there are ways to stay involved and I hope you choose SCC first. The opportunities are endless.”

The “Bell” Primary Logo

The “Bell” logo is the primary representation of the brand and is used as the main identifying device. Reinforcement of the primary identity will build equity at SCC. The “Bell” logo is iconic and distinct. It signals a consistent foundation maintaining brand equity while reinforcing brand leadership, confidence, and reliability.

The college will begin transitioning our current logo to the new logo over the next few months.

The College Seal and the Athletic Rams Logo will be revealed on December 16, 2021.

The College Seal

The College Seal is used for communications from the Board of Trustees, the president, and senior administrators. The seal is also used as an official emblem of the College in such applications as diplomas and academic ceremonies. To maintain the dignity and ceremonial quality of the seal, usage will be strictly limited. Use of the seal in any contexts not mentioned above requires written permission from the Director of Marketing and Communications or the President.

The Athletic “Ram” Logo

The use of athletic marks are exclusive to the Intercollegiate Athletics. They may be used in limited school-spirit instances, as approved by the Director of Marketing and Communications or the President.

History of SCC LOGOS


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