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Why should I choose an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a great alternative pathway to a successful career. Benefits of apprenticeship include:

  • Hands-on learning and job-related classroom or technical training provided
  • Wages that increase as new skills are learned
  • Earn national credentials, certifications, or college degrees
  • Jump-start your career, supporting yourself and your family while learning
  • Local employers offering apprenticeships give you the opportunity for a career close to home

Apprenticeships can be the right choice for students that:

  • prefers hands-on learning
  • want to go right to work
  • prefer to stay closer to family
  • would like their education partly or fully paid for

How does an apprenticeship work?

Most apprenticeships range from one to four years, with the apprentice earning a nationally recognized credential after completing the program. The training programs are structured, with most programs including both hands-on and classroom education. Apprentices are paid for learning hours and work hours based on a scale that includes wage increases at specific achievement points.

How do I become an apprentice?


If you are a student or parent interested in learning more about apprenticeship opportunities in Columbus County, please contact us by contacting Denise Young, the Apprenticeship Coordinator at denise.young@sccnc.edu.

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