Spring 2022 HEERF Funds Available

SCC Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (HEERF III) will be distributed to all traditional students enrolled and attending in the Spring 2022 academic semester including students in 96+ hour Workforce Continuing Education classes that are enrolled and attending in 2022 academic semester.

These funds will be distributed as a direct payment to students to help offset the cost of equipment, books, technology, childcare, transportation, etc. unless students chose to apply their portion of the HEERF III funds to tuition/fees for the spring term.

The funds will be awarded in addition to any scholarships, sponsorships, state, or federal financial aid for which the student is eligible. Students that completed an application giving SCC permission to use any awarded HEERF funding toward their Spring 2022 tuition and fees, may not receive a check. The funding will be awarded in the following categories for traditional students:

Enrolled Credit Hours:

Will receive this amount:

1-3 credit hours $300
4-6 credit hours $550
7-9 credit hours $780
10-11 credit hours $920
12+ credit hours $1,200

Continuing Education students enrolled in a 96-credit hour course for the Spring 2022 semester will receive $250.

Note: Additional requirements and rules may apply based on federal guidelines. Also, additional enrollment requirements may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for these funds?

No application is necessary. All students enrolled in the Fall 2021 classes will automatically receive an award based on their primary program of study.

When will I receive this money?

Funds will be distributed during the month of November 2021.

Will HEERF funding affect my financial aid eligibility?

No. This grant is related to the COVID-19 national emergency. This funding will NOT affect state or federal financial aid eligibility or reduce the amount of financial aid you may receive.

Do I have to pay back any HEERF funds I receive?


Can I apply these funds directly to my fall tuition and fees to reduce the amount I need to pay by the payment deadline?

Yes! You may choose to apply your HEERF funding directly to your SCC account in order to reduce or eliminate your balance owed for tuition and fees instead of receiving a direct payment later in the term. If the amount awarded is greater than your account balance, you will receive a refund for any remaining funds. To choose this option, you MUST authorize SCC to apply the funds to your account by completing the form link below.


Note: In some cases, the amount awarded may not be enough to cover your entire balance. You will be responsible for paying any outstanding balance on your account prior to the start of Fall classes or you may lose your schedule.


Sheila Dockery

Director of Financial Aid


A Building, room 132


Matthew Caison

Financial Aid Associate

(910) 788-6214

A Building, room 132B


Kimberly Lowery

Financial Aid Specialist

(910) 788-6251

A-Building, Rm 133


Lisa Green

Financial Aid Technical Specialist

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