Constitution Day

Friday, September 17th, 2021 to Friday, September 17th, 2021


Dr. Justine Shuey will host lively rounds of virtual BINGO where you can test your skills and hopefully take away some meaningful thoughts about the Constitution and its purpose. Check out Dr. Shuey’s video below! She will have DOOR PRIZES and GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS!

When: 1pm and 3pm

Where: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 9296 8653

Passcode: BINGO

Invite your friends, Instructors, and fellow coworkers to make this a fun, competitive event.

Why do we celebrate Constitution Day? The United States Constitution created our federal system of governance, with power separated among three branches: the legislative branch, which makes the laws; the executive branch that enforces the laws; and the judicial branch that interprets the laws. By design, each branch of the federal government is subject to checks and balances from the other two branches. The United States Constitution also safeguards personal liberties with a Bill of Rights–the first ten changes or amendments to the Constitution. Each year on Constitution Day, Southeastern Community College celebrates American’s foundation story by commemorating what is now the world’s oldest and longest-lived national constitution!