Campus Life & Activities

Student Organizations & Activities

SCC intends to foster a vibrant social climate through redesigned and engaging events and programs and to promote learning and wellness through active student organizations. 

Student organizations will create new ways to meet using physical distancing and virtual options for larger groups or students who are unable to participate inperson. 

Student leaders will be trained before the fall regarding how to observe physical distancing guidelines, encourage face masks to be worn and hold meetings virtually when appropriate. Clear and standard practices will be established for student organizations of different sizes so that students know, in advance, how to manage their meetings. 

Visitors to Campus/Major Campus Events

SCC’s campus remains open to the public and guests are welcome to enjoy outdoor spaces, if they maintain social distancing standards and avoid gathering in groups larger than allowed by North Carolina guidelines.   

Prospective Students Visits

SCC continues to welcome prospective students and their families to campus by first scheduling an appointment online with Student Services.  Student Services will be open to prospective and current students. Students will be served practicing social distance and virtual options are available. Students seeking assistance may come to Student Services and register with the staff member prior to receiving services.

SCC Athletics

Baseball and Softball has resumed. All present attendees will be required to wear a mask and social distance. S\SCC is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and will follow the guidance provided by the organization.

Athletes will disinfect equipment immediately after use with disinfectant. After each session coaches will ensure equipment is clean and disinfected. At the end of each day, athletic staff will do one more thorough cleaning of the fitness center equipment and offices. Athletes will clean areas in outside facilities that are high touch areas prior to and after practice.

Other Campus Events

In most cases, traditional events will be reimagined as virtual events to allow the community to attend via virtual technologies.