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Our Mission

The mission of the Columbus County Volunteer Center is to provide a resource center for the coordination of volunteer programs and activities to improve the lives of the people in Columbus County.

Our Purpose

The general purpose is to provide resource development, education, support and coordination of volunteers and their activities in Columbus County, North Carolina. The Volunteer Center has been hosted at Southeastern Community College since 2003.

The Volunteer Center provides excellent opportunities for families to make a difference in their community. There are no fees or eligibility requirements to participate in Volunteer Center activities. Young children must be supervised by a parent or guardian. The Volunteer Center works with unaffiliated volunteers, Boy Scouts seeking an Eagle project, students enhancing his/her resume, Service Learning students at Southeastern Community College and high school students completing community service requirements.

Our Focus

Our focusĀ is the development of Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) teams and disaster preparedness workshops.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are trained to take care of themselves and then help others in their communities for the first three days following a disaster. The training covers basic skills that are important to know in a disaster when emergency services are not available. With training, practice, and by working as a team, you will be able to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people after a disaster, while protecting yourself from becoming a victim.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness is a must for all households. It takes time for emergency response agencies to set up and prepare for an organized response, and damaged roads and disrupted communications systems may restrict their access into critically affected areas. For the initial period immediately following a disaster, often up to 3 days or longer, individuals, households, and neighborhoods may need to rely on their own resources for: food, water, first aid, and shelter.

Individual preparedness, planning, survival skills, and mutual aid within neighborhoods and worksites during this initial period are essential.

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