Columbus Career & College Academy

Striving to Improve Education for All

We understand how important education can be to an individual’s success in life. Knowledge is power, after all. That’s why Southeastern Community College has teamed up with Robeson Community College, Cape Fear Community College, the NC New Schools Project, the Golden LEAF Foundation and Columbus County Schools to create a cohesive environment for students to transition from K-12 to higher education.

Specifically, SCC provides the resources necessary for students to complete an A.A. or other college transfer program, while partnering campuses offer additional resources in the way of technical/occupational training, extracurricular opportunities and so much more.

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Christian Godwin

Columbus Career & College Academy Principal

(910) 788-6281

M-Building, Rm 116

Crystal Matthis

Early College Liaison

(910) 788-6354

Nesmith 103