QualityEnhancementProgram_DoTheMathAt Southeastern Community College, we know math isn’t everyone’s favorite subject. Most of our students have to take developmental courses, remedial work that prepares them for college-level math. Too often these classes are stumbling blocks that prevent students from graduating and working in their desired fields.

To improve student success, we designed a campus-wide initiative called Do the Math.

In new math labs, students learn using computer-based tutorials, videos and exercises. Even though technology is an important part of our redesign, instructors are as important as ever. They work with students on an individual basis to ensure that they understand the course material, to answer any questions and to provide support.

Not only has SCC changed the way we deliver developmental math classes, but also how they are structured. Previously, we taught developmental math in three separate courses, each lasting an entire semester. This seemed like a long path for someone who came to college looking for the rewards of a job in their field. Today, we allow students to hit the fast lane and move through eight small modules as quickly as they like.


Cody Ake, pictured above with Instructor Darian Ransom, completed all the modules in one semester – saving time and money.