Medical Laboratory Technology

Associate in Applied Science

Program Description

Medical Laboratory Technology is the exciting healthcare profession that analyzes the chemical and cellular composition of blood and body fluids. MLTs are the medical investigators of medicine! They carefully perform laboratory procedures to discover clues of disease. It’s the MLT who first sees cancer cells under the microscope, discovers the bacteria that causes an infection and prescribes a unit of blood for a bleeding patient. They work behind the scenes to help save the trauma patient without having to provide direct patient care. MLTs find great satisfaction in their work, knowing that they help others and save lives. 

Job placement in this program is fantastic! The overall job placement rate since the program began is 96% and most years 100% of graduates are employed within a few weeks of graduation. There is a national shortage of MLTs and with the aging population in our coastal region, the local demand for laboratory professionals is growing. Employment opportunities include local healthcare laboratories in hospitals, medical offices, industry and research facilities. 

Course work emphasizes scientific and mathematical concepts in microbiology, hematology, microbiology and chemistry. Students are encouraged to contact admission counselors early so that there will be time to complete pre-requisite courses, including MLT 110, and other requirements before fall semester. Graduates are eligible to take the national certification exam provided by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. The program is nationally accredited which helps ensure the quality of the program.

If you enjoy science and do not want a lot of patient contact, a career in Medical Laboratory Technology is perfect for you! Contact Dawn Williamson today!