Invasive Species Management Technology

Associate in Applied Science, Diploma, Certificate

Program Description
Invasive Species Management Technology is a concentration under the curriculum title of Environmental Science Technology. This curriculum prepares individuals for employment related to invasive species management in various agencies. Emphasis is placed on prevention, regulation, detection, eradication, and long-term control.

Coursework includes computer applications, biology, chemistry, industrial safety, water quality, environmental health, and waste management. Coursework specific for Invasive Species includes assessment, management, identification, and control of both invasive plants and animals and GIS/GPS.

Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities with numerous positions within the industry. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following: Chemical and Biological Analysis, Water and Wastewater Treatment, EPA Compliance, Hazardous Material Handling, Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation, Federal, State, and Local land management agencies, Private conservation organizations, Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement.

A program that focuses on the application of economic concepts and methods to the analysis of issues such as air and water pollution, land use planning, waste disposal, invasive species and pest control, conservation policies, and related environmental problems. Potential course work includes instruction in strategies, policy evaluation and monitoring, and descriptive and analytic tools for studying how environmental developments affect the economic system.

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