Services for job seekers include:

  • Skills Assessments - Evaluate your employment abilities, interests and basic skills.
  • Job Search Assistance - Explore your career options in the current labor market.
  • Résumé Preparation - Prepare a professional résumé through available software, workshops, or staff assistance.
  • Job Listings - Employers list jobs directly with us.
  • Career Planning and Development - Identify skills training, education needed for employment in the local labor market.
  • Connection to High School Completion and GED - Connect to the classes needed to get your high school diploma.
  • Occupational Skills Training for a Specific Career - Referrals to specific training programs available for the local labor market.
  • Connection to WIA – Learn about training assistance available for adults, dislocated workers and out of school youth.
  • Unemployment Claims - Receive assistance filing unemployment claims.
  • Job Search and Life Skills Classes - Classes to help individuals manage personal barriers to employment, find, and keep jobs.
  • Support Services - Help individuals find assistance with childcare, transportation, family problems or other challenges that could affect their success in a job.

Services for employers include:

  • Tax Credit and Hiring Incentive Information - Learn about programs that can help you with your hiring needs.
  • Connection to On-the-Job Training (OJT) program
  • Employee Recruiting – assistance with specialized hiring efforts, job fairs and career expos.
  • Arrangements Research Materials on Labor Trends and Industry Trends - Get access to the latest information about industries, training programs and labor trends.
  • Screening and Interviewing of Job Candidates - Have your applicants screened and interviewed by our qualified staff.
  • Skills Testing of Job Candidates - Applicants or current employees can receive skills testing.
  • Employee Recruitment - Get connected with qualified people looking for new employment opportunities.
  • Employee Retention - Develop plans to keep your employees.
  • Job Listings - Post your job openings with us.
  • Rapid Response in the case of business layoffs or plant closings - Contact us for confidential consultations regarding layoffs or closings.
  • Dislocated Worker Services - Help your dislocated employees find their next job or training.
  • Access to Training Programs for Your Employees - Training can be provided for prospective or current employees.
  • Workplace Literacy Training - On-site literacy programs help your employees improve their skills without missing work.
  • Youth Services and Outreach - Provide internship or apprenticeship opportunities for young people in our region. 

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Continuing Education
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JobLink Career Center
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HRD Instructor
JobLink Career Center
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JobLink Career Center
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Case Manager
JobLink Career Center
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Resource Specialist
JobLink Career Center
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Workforce Specialist
JobLink Career Center
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Workforce Specialist
JobLink Career Center
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